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Buid your boat at us
Turn your dream into reality!

The idea of contracting a boat to a boatyard, instead of purchasing one straight from a dealer, is appealing to many people for several reasons.
We will try here to analyze and apply some of these reasons to our case.

Financials: First, there is no dealer commission. The client gets his/her boat straight from the yard.
Moreover, in our case, you can expect substantially lower prices than the ones usually found in Northern Europe or the States, due to lower overhead and labour costs.
For more details, please see the quote link in this site.

Quality standards and flexibility: Everybody has his/her own concept for the ideal boat. Some want it for cruising, others for racing, many for both.
Ready-made boats in the market cannot always satisfy the one seeking that ideal boat.
This is another reason people build boats in boatyards: a dedicated boatyard, not working on a production line basis, can pay loving attention to detail and
give your boat high quality building and finishing standards.
A large, mass-production manufacturer, can probably do the same, but at a much higher cost, since he has to deviate from its production line schedule.
Being a small yard, we are ready to fulfill almost all your dreams, deviate (with the designers permission and guidance) from the boat’s plans,
custom-build the boat for you, if you prefer so.

Building site: We are located in the small town of Sparta (SE Peloponnesus).
This means that, if you wish to cruise the Med after the boat is ready, it will be already located in the middle of Eastern Mediterranean,
without the need for delivery from Northern Europe or elsewhere.
On the contrary, if you want your boat delivered anywhere in the Med, Northern Europe or elsewhere, it can also be arranged by means of
a very experienced (twice circumnavigator) skipper and crew.

Services offered:

1. Guidance for design and construction method selection. See also the link "quote".
2. Building from a designer’s plan (both sail and power).
3. Completion of a given hull and deck.

In addition:

4. Wooden mast construction.
5. Fabrication of boat parts, i.e. keels, rudders, etc.
6. Teak decks and cockpits, general carpentry.
7. Osmosis treatment - general boat overhaul.
8. Miscellaneous kinds of repair jobs, finishing, painting etc.

It is obvious that each construction or repair job features its own difficulties and peculiarities.

You cannot expect to find answers to everything herein, so please feel free to contact or visit us, without any obligation,
for a thorough discussion on your projects and ideas.

Your companion, if not so interested in boats, can pay a visit to some archaeological sites and natural monuments nearby,
while you will be busy sharing your boat dreams with us.